Oncologist Questions immunotherapy

After cure from immunotherapy

I want to know what to do after getting cured from immunotherapy?

Medications: Rchop, rgdp,rice ,rdapoch,pembrolizumab
Conditions: Leukemia

3 Answers

F/U with your oncologist. Congratulations.
This all depends on the illness that was treated with immunotherapy. Every illness has a “routine” follow up. I would discuss medical follow up with your physician.
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Have a modest, satisfying party. Include the people who helped you and the ones you want to reconnect with. Get a good psych evaluation (PTSD-oriented) to get back on track.
Continue to follow up as your specialist recommends. Get rehab strength fatigue diet lifestyle bones hormones reproductive reality. Do better, but avoid any extreme programs. Your support system is still important, be careful, you will be around long enough to regret bad decisions and bad enemies. Don't repeat past lifestyle mistakes; it isn't business as usual. Do better. Delegate the technical medical. Have your best significant other keep on top of changing knowledge about follow-ups and residual side effects of past treatment.