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Should I consider natural medicine for cancer?

I was diagnosed with musculoskeletal cancer quite recently, and I really do not want to go through the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I'd much rather look into...

Is a rash with leukemia normal?

My son is currently being treated for leukemia, and it was diagnosed in one of its early stages. He's managing the treatment better than we thought he would, which is a huge relief...

Does a double mastectomy prevent breast cancer?

I have a family history of breast cancer, and I want to have a double mastectomy because my doctor told me that I was at a high risk. Would this prevent breast cancer?

How is leukemia diagnosed?

It took a while for my friend's daughter to be diagnosed with leukemia, and it felt like it was too long. How is leukemia usually diagnosed in patients? Especially the young...

What are the risks with radiotherapy in cancer treatment?

I was diagnosed with bone cancer recently, and my doctor suggested that we treat it with radiotherapy rather than chemo. We didn't discuss any of the risks that can happen with...

How long is the recovery for breast reconstruction surgery?

My mom had a tumor on her breast, so she had a mastectomy and a reconstruction immediately after. What is the recovery like for this surgery?

How can nuclear medicine treat cancer?

My mom has non-hodgkins lymphoma and her and her doctor want to treat it with nuclear medicine. How can it really help?

Does an OB-GYN also carry out tests to detect cancer in women?

There is a lot I have heard about OB-GYN's looking into/looking for cases of cervical and breast cancer in patients. Is an OB-GYN the best kind of specialist to diagnose and treat...

Can a radiologist detect the presence of cancer?

My mother-in-law had been asked to go in for mammogram since she was experiencing pain in her right breast. The radiologist said the results were good and everything is fine and...

When is radiation therapy considered over chemotherapy?

My grandmother has breast cancer, and for her treatment, her and her doctors decided to have her on radiation therapy rather than chemotherapy. When is radiation therapy considered...

Is a biopsy done through radiology?

How is a biopsy procedure carried out? Is it done through radiology or is it a surgical procedure?

Is radiotherapy an alternative to chemotherapy?

For cancer treatment, is radiotherapy an alternative option for chemotherapy? What factors determine that a cancer would be treated with radiotherapy instead?

My son is so small! Will general anesthesia hurt him?

My 9 year old son is having surgery to remove, and test, a tumor he has in his leg. I'm concerned about many things but first things first -- the anesthesia. My son is very small...

During chemotherapy, is a RBC drop normal?

I am undergoing chemotherapy for my liver cancer, and now I am experiencing a drop in my RBC count. Is this normal?

How many radiation therapy sessions would I require for metastatic cancer?

My cancer has metastasized and I am undergoing chemotherapy. How many radiation sessions would I require?

My son has a very high white blood cell count. What's next?

A recent blood test showed that my 12 year old son has a very high white blood cell count. What could this mean and what will happen next in order to determine what is happening...

I have a growth on my leg. Could it be cancer?

I noticed a growth on my leg while showering, and it's pretty large. I haven't hit it on anything to cause a bump or a bruise, and it really hasn't gone away. Could this be cancerous?...

What is the treatment that a radiologist can give for breast cancer?

Is a radiologist the right person to initiate breast cancer treatment for my wife? We were given the choice between radiation therapy and chemo, and my wife chose radiation....

Can a radiation oncologist help with a cancerous growth in the liver?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. Can a radiation oncologist help?

What is the nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer?

I recently heard about nuclear medicine treatment for prostrate cancer. What does this really mean? How can it help?

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