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Can radiation cause leukopenia?

My son has leukemia and is on radiation therapy to treat it. But his white blood cell count keeps going down. Is it possible for radiation therapy to cause leukopenia?

My husband has a cancerous tumor. Would all the cancer be gone once it's removed?

My husband is going to have surgery to remove the tumor on his testicle. Unfortunately, it's cancerous. The doctors aren't sure that all of the cancerous cells would be gone...

Can nuclear medicine help in treating cancer?

Is there a treatment possible under nuclear medicine for fatal diseases like cancer?

What is the course of treatment for leukemia?

My nephew has been diagnosed with leukemia. I want a second opinion on what his course of treatment should be. It's in the first stage and his oncologist is already suggesting...

Can cancer cells be removed surgically?

Is it possible to remove cancer cells from the body surgically?

Can liver cancer be treated with interventional radiology?

My mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Can her cancer be treated with interventional radiology?

How is nuclear medicine used to treat thyroid cancer?

I have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and have also been told that nuclear medicine helps best in treating this. Can you please explain how would it work?

My grandfather has cancer that has spread across his body. Should we put him in hospice?

My grandfather has cancer that has spread across his body. When should we put him in hospice care?

Can blood cancer be treated naturally?

Are there any foods or natural medicines that will help naturally treat blood cancer? My cousin has been diagnosed with it recently and does not want to get chemo.

What are the chances that my polyps could be cancer?

I have been diagnosed with polyps in my colon, and I am anxiously awaiting the results from my biopsy. What are the chances that it could be a cancer?

After chemotherapy my daughter's hemoglobin levels are dropping. Why?

The doctor has found a tumor on my daughter's collarbone, but it has been removed. She's now been on chemotherapy to treat any surrounding cells in that area, but her last blood...

After my tumor surgery I have headache often. Why?s

I got operated for a brain tumor recently. However, ever since the surgery I have a headache often. Is it normal after brain surgery?

How long does a radiation therapy treatment usually last?

I have to have radiation therapy. What determines how long it usually lasts?

Can radiation therapy weaken bones?

If I undergo a radiation therapy to treat my cancer, will it weaken my bones? I am trying to weigh each of my options before making a decision.

How is endometrial cancer treated?

My mom has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She is 78 years old so I am so nervous about treatment due to her age. What is normally done for older cancer patients?

Do diseases like leukemia run in families?

Is luekemia a genetic disorder? My first son died of leukemia and I am pregnant now. I am very worried that it is a genetic disorder. What are the chances my baby will have...

Can colon cancer be cured with a surgery?

My friend has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctor has started his treatment for it, however, I would like to know if it can be cured with colon surgery?

What are the early side effects of radiation therapy apart from fatigue, skin issues and hair loss?

My father has to start out on radiation therapy for his colon cancer. I want to know if there are other side effects, besides body weakness, skin changes and hair loss.

Does radiation during cancer treatment have any impact on the digestive system?

My mother underwent radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. The treatment was successful, but her appetite seems to be gone. Does radiation therapy impact the digestive system?...

Can cancer be prevented?

In my family we have a history of cancer and it is worrying me a lot. Can cancer be prevented? I supposed the better question is, to what degree can cancer be prevented if at...

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