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Diarrhea after going to the chiropractor?

After my less session with my chiropractor, I started to experience an onset of diarrhea and slight nausea. Could both of these be side effects from chiropractic care?

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It’s possible to experience detox reactions such as those after treatments, especially if your body is toxic (whether you’re aware of that or not). I would say that’s more of a rare reaction, though.
Not normal
Because the adjustment can cause nervous system to be reset it is very possible to have that effect if you have not been adjusted for a long time.
There is a possibility. Getting the body optimized may trigger an expulsion of built up toxins. It depends on how frequent it happens and if there is any muscle work being done as well. If it persists after every adjustment, then make sure to let your chiropractor know to make note of it. They may refer you to an MD if needed, but let them know about the situation.

It is hard to answer your question without having more information on your case and the reasons you sought chiropractic care. Sometimes, after an adjustment you can feel a little achy or tight and if you had some interference in your nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system dominant) you can feel constipated or tired etc. So, when we apply a chiropractic adjustment, it can help with those types of issues so people could have better bowel movements or sometimes mild diarrhea because the sympathetic nervous system was stimulated.
Now, again it’s hard to know if that bout of diarrhea was due to the adjustments or if something else is going on. Nausea would usually not be a side effect of a regular chiropractic
adjustment. Did you have some gastro-intestinal manipulation done? That can sometimes happens then but rarely with a regular diversified adjustment. I would advise you to monitor your symptoms and call your health care provider and if it doesn’t get better or if you feel anything else, I would go get checked by your primary care provider to make sure the nausea and diarrhea are not due to any other underlying issue or viruses etc.

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Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
They can be!
Unlikely. It could have been a coincidence.
Yes it is possible that your body had a detoxification reaction after having your body aligned properly. If the symptoms persist more than 2 days, call your chiropractor and tell them what your experience is.
It is very doubtful. I would see my MD. Sounds like a sudden onset of an intestinal bug.
I never heard of those side effects but I would talk to your chiropractor about them to see if he/she feels like they might be. Usually the only side effect is feeling sleepy if anything.
While any physiological change can take place at any time for many reasons, and especially after a Chiropractic session, it isn’t often that would happen. However, part of Chiropractic can include the detoxification of waste and by-products. Diarrhea and nausea can be a slight path of symptoms in process of ridding your body of those toxins after the adjustment brings balance and assists in other processes in the body to keep you healthy. Hope I helped. Got your back! Dr Todd Gewant