Dermatologist Questions Moles

How can one make out the difference between melanoma and a mole?

I have a few moles on a few parts of my body. I am confused whether it is melanoma or just a mole?

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It’s important to have a full body skin exam by a board certified dermatologist yearly
A : lesion asymmetric
B : border irregular
C : Color change especially black
Hi. This is a difficult question to answe without looking at your skin closely. It may need to be looked at with a magnifier, a dermascope and or photographed. I recommend an examination by an experienced dermatologist who will take a medical history and examine your skin. Good luck.
We generally use the abcde criteria. For melanoma, it means:

-Borders (irregular)
-Color (multiple)
-Diameter (greater than 1/4 inch)
-Evolve (anything that has changed)

You can also look for the ugly duckling sign, when something looks totally different than anything else.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
This is one BIG reason why you need a professional dermatologist who goes to medical school for many many years to learn to diagnose and treat. Self-diagnosis may well receive a death penalty.
We use the abcde rule. If the lesion is asymmetric. (One side larger than the other). If the edge is irregular. If it has multiple colors.for example red, brown, black. If it has a large diameter. ( larger than a pen up tip). It it is evolving. In other words if it is changing.

When there is any mile you are not sure about it is better to be safe than sorry. See a Dermatologist. We are the experts.