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Do crowns on front teeth look natural?

I am a 33 year old male and I will get a crown on my front tooth. Do crowns on front teeth look natural?

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Yes, a lot depends on the communication between the dentist and his ceramist/ lab. Photographs and even possibly you visiting the lab will help create the natural look you want.
Definitely, we can make crowns for your front teeth that look very natural.
If possible, you can try to get a veneer. A crown can look nice as well if it is an all porcelain crown.
If crowns on front teeth are done properly yes they can look natural.
Yes, with the new materials crown restorations can look much more natural than the older less aesthetic crowns of the past.
Yes, they should be practically undetectable.  There are a number of excellent types of crowns that do not contain metal (zirconium, Emax, etc.) are very strong and should blend in very well with your other teeth.  Discuss with your dentist the type of crown he/she will use.  Ask to see photos of other crowns that he/she has placed.  Ask to see the crown in your mouth BEFORE it is cemented.  This way, you know what you are getting before it is permanently cemented.
If prepared correctly and shade matched accurately with current materials, it can be hard to differentiate
One of the most challenging esthetic treatments is matching one front tooth with a crown to a natural tooth. There are many ways that you can handle this. Make sure you are having an all-porcelain crown made, no metal at all. This helps with the tooth looking natural. Also, have your dentist suggest a custom shade. This allows you to go to the lab of the doctor's choice and have them custom make the shade that matches your natural tooth structure. You may pay an additional fee, but it is worth it because they will not mark it complete until you are happy with the color.
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The hardest tooth to match is a single front tooth. Some crowns look better than others. Get a ceramic crown done by a local lab and go to the lab for a custom shade match. Do not accept the crown unless you are happy with it.

Yes, crowns on the front teeth can look natural. Dental labs puts in their best efforts to create crowns that looks as natural as possible.

Sorry to hear about the need for a crown. However, they can look very natural. Actually, most dentists really strive to make them look so close that you can't tell. Not all crowns are created equal though. There are several different types of crowns and each one has different aesthetic properties. If you ask a handful of dentists which one is the best, you will get a handful of answers. It is probably best to go with the one that the dentist doing it is most comfortable with. Most of them will look perfect though.
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If well done, crowns on your front teeth are virtually indistinguishable from your other natural teeth.