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Do dentures change your face shape?

I am a 48 year old female and I will get dentures. Do dentures change your face shape?

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Check my face book page for before and after photos. You and your dentist should evaluate the denture while in the wax up stage.
They can change the face shape a little, by filling in a void. A fuller look to the face around the oral cavity.
Well, it is a natural phenomenon that when you lose teeth, the area around the tooth goes through a process of what we call resorption, or melting away. So in essence, you lose the bone in the area, so the answer is yes and the solution is to place implants to preserve the bone.
A denture may or may not change the shape of your face but if it does, it will probably give you a fuller, more natural look. I have never seen a denture detract from an individual's appearance if made properly.
Your teeth provide support for your facial muscles. Dentures will help resupport these muscles and restore your facial shape to a healthy, more youthful contour.
Dentures themselves do not change your face shape. they can actually help maintain the shape of your face. They help correct the natural biologic phenomena that happens to everyone who loses a tooth but especially to those who lose all of their teeth. When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone collapses. If you lose all of your teeth the face caves in because the bone shrinks - the jaw becomes thinner and therefore the face appears to have collapsed as well. Dentures can restore what is lost so the appearance of your face is preserved.
Possibly yes. But after losing all teeth, alveolar bone surrounding teeth will be reduced.
They can change the shape of Your face. Our teeth give definition to our lips. We take measurements and do try ins with the teeth set in wax so we can see how the lips will look when we give you a new set of dentures.

Yes, dentures CAN change your face shape. However, when making dentures, the goal is not to let this happen. Your lips are supported by your upper teeth (notice that your lower lip rests on the edges of your top teeth). If you take your teeth out, your lips will sink into your face. When dentures are made, care is taken to make sure the teeth are placed in the same position where the persons natural teeth were (this becomes challenging when the teeth are already missing). The second factor is your teeth give your face its height. Shorter teeth will make your face look shorter and your chin more prominent. Longer teeth will make your face look longer and your chin less prominent but also like you have something in your mouth all the time. So, the correct height of the teeth is also that can effect the way you face looks. All this is taken into account when making dentures so that way the person can look as natural as possible.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD