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Do I need to worry about bumps on my gums after having teeth pulled for dentures?

I had the last 8 of my upper teeth pulled almost three weeks ago so that I can get dentures, but now there are little bumps on my gums. Is this something worry about?

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Depending on the surgical procedure, and whether or not gums and/or bone were reduced, this may be the natural architecture of the gum tissue without teeth present. You’ll likely notice a change, and even shrinking, of these bumps in the next few weeks to months as your body heals. If you experience sudden swelling and associated discomfort, you should consult with your provider.
The bumps you are noticing are probably just the gums still healing and the granulation tissue (healing tissue) that is forming. You can always follow up with your dentist or oral surgeon to make sure everything is healing fine.
Yes, you should see your dentist. It could mean numerous things, but all need to be addressed by a dentist or specialist.

Dr. Frank P. Ramos
Probably not but your dentist will evaluate the bumps when you have impressions for your dentures.
Your best option would be to allow whomever extracted the tooth an opportunity to view the bumps directly.