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Do interdental brushes cause black triangles?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know if interdental brushes cause black triangles?

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Instead of the interdental brushes, flossing may be better. You take the floss and you want to clean that tooth. You put the floss between your teeth. You want a thicker floss. What you should be doing is going down along the side of your tooth and slide the floss up and down removing the debris. Do not go across the pink tissue. Move the floss to the next tooth. Lift the floss up, not touching the pink gum tissue and put the floss on the next tooth. You are cleaning the tooth surface. You floss up and down on the tooth surface. The pink, pointed tissue between your teeth is precious. When you are finished flossing, take a soft toothbrush and, starting behind the last tooth in your mouth, brush back and forth, GENTLY, you go all around the arch until you get behind the last tooth in the opposite side of your arch, then you brush the gum back and forth where your tongue or palate is located. You brush gum line, mid-tooth, and then occlusal tops of your teeth. You don't want to put the floss in the middle of that point. You want to get the inflammation out. YOU TREAT THIS PRECIOUS TOOTH AREA CAREFULLY. RINSE YOUR MOUTH WITH WARM SALT WATER. ONE HALF TEASPOON OF SALT TO 8 OZ. WARM WATER.
Yes, I believe some of the rigid disposable ones do damage interdental tissue. Stay with prox-a-brushes.
You are correct. It is important to keep the surfaces in between your teeth clean. At your age, it is likely the spaces between your teeth are totally filled with gum tissue. This would leave no room for an interdental brush to fit. Forcing this brush between your teeth on a regular basis could damage your gum on a long-term basis. Flossing your teeth at least once a day would be a better solution at your age. Compare flossing to rubbing a dirty dish with a dish cloth. The floss is rubbed up and down to clean each tooth surface. The best information on this subject, and on how to never have a cavity or gum disease is found in the book:


Thank you for asking.
No, they most certainly do not cause black triangles - those develop from either the normal recession of gums that occurs over time or in the case where surgery is indicated to treat serious periodontal disease. Interdental brushes like Sof-piks actually enhance the health of your gums by removing harmful bacterial plaque, but make sure you use soft ones - some generic interdental picks are not soft and would potentially injure your gum tissue.
Interdental brushes do not cause black triangles. Gum recession and inflammation are the real cause of those triangles. Interdental brushes are strongly recommended for proper dental care and hygiene.