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Do naturopathic physicians do healing work similar to chiropractors?

I want to see a naturopath to try something different. Is their work similar to a chiropractic or more like a massage therapist with integrated medicine.

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Hello! In Naturopathic medical school, we do clinic rotations in all areas of the medical field, similar to other doctors, except we also do rotations in physical medicine. This is where we learn to do body manipulations identical to chiropractors (but we can't call it that because we are not chiropractors and it's a protected term), so we call it osteopathic manipulations/adjustments. Some Naturopaths specialize in physical medicine, others don't as it is a skilled art and the ones who did specialize in it, ended up doing additional training and even a residency in it. If your specifically looking for "bodywork" from a Naturopath, I would make sure they are specialized in it, and they will usually be upfront about it.

We also had an elective course in craniosacral, which is another form of bodywork, again, the provider will usually have this listed if they are specialized in it.
We are trained to prove mild musculoskeletal corrections, but will depend on the State and the scope of practice for where you live.
Naturopathic doctors are trained in many therapies including adjustments (like chiropractors do), but you'd need to ask the specific naturopath you want to see if they do that therapy as we have many to choose from.
Our training includes primary care medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and much more!
Some do a little of everything and some specialize in only a few areas.
No. We are licensed naturopathic medical doctors meaning that we have a medical degree that trained us not only in conventional medicine but also traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, botanical medicine, physical medicine such as adjustments, iv therapy, diet, vitamins/minerals, homeopathy, amongst other things. Depending on the state we have prescribing rights so we can actually prescribe medicine.
Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care physicians with extra training in natural medicine. If you are looking for manual therapy (chiro adjustments, massage, etc) then you would need to find a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in sports medicine. NDs are trained in manipulation (chiro adjustments) but not all NDs use these in practice, and not all states allow it. We are not licensed massage therapists. I hope this answer was helpful for you.
Naturopathic physicians do so much more than chiropractors. We are trained in manipulations similar to a chiropractor, but we also are able to be primary care doctors in many states that include writing prescriptions for medications. We help work on the root cause of a problem and have many tools in our tool box to assist you in achieving your optimal health.

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Lisa Ballantyne, ND
Naturopathic doctors focus on treating the root cause of disease by performing a thorough history and conducting comprehensive diagnostic testing, and using natural treatments such as herbs, supplements, and individualized diet and lifestyle recommendations.
These are distinctly different but overlapping professions. You need to contact the naturopath and ask about their specific training, licensing and certification.
Yes both Chiropractors and Naturopath work along the same lines. Having said that, Natural Medicines, are best when the person is fully aware, and trained for the best things for you.
We are similar to conventional doctors, but we use 100% natural medicines, diet, and physical activity.

Dr. Liz
We do not implement massage. We attend Medical School and we study natural remedies along side modern medicine. We like to look at a broader scope. Instead of just solving the problems you come to us with modern medicine we like to look at how they came about in the first place and how we can better deal with it.
No, we do not. Chiropractors work with the bones and the alignment of them. Now, some chiropractors educate on nutrition and the like, but it is definitely two different types of medicine.
Hello! Naturopathic Doctors are trained in adjustments that are basically the same that Chiropractors use. We are also trained in soft tissue work as we are aware of how the body all works together. So, we are capable of doing both of the things that you are asking about, however, depending on the comfort level of the doctor, we often refer to chiropractors and massage therapists to help us treat patients who might require these treatments.
We use Acupressure which is very similar to Chinese Acupuncture for 30 second to reduce and eliminate pain and muscle aches. No needles involved.
A naturopath does not have a massage or chiropractic license so they can't practice that. They are more like doctors who try to turn away from prescription drugs and lean toward supplements or other means to help you feel better.
No, we do not. But some have a certification in Craneosacral therapy