Dentist Questions Tooth Abscess

Do tooth abscesses result in tooth pain?

I'm 25 years old and I noticed that whenever I drink something cold, like iced tea or a soda, my teeth hurt. Could this be an abscess?

4 Answers

If you can feel cold on your tooth, the nerve is still alive and by definition, a tooth with a living nerve cannot be abscessed. An abscess will only occur on a tooth with a dead nerve.
Sensitivity to hot and cold does not mean you have an abscess. You may have a cavity, a RESTORATION may have fractured. You may have bitten down on something hard and cracked or fractured your tooth. You may have gum disease. Are you flossing, brushing your teeth? Are you careful with what you eat? Chewing on ice, biting into hard apples can fracture your tooth. Visiting your dentist will help you identify your problem.

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Abscesses do not always cause pain. Cold pain can be from several causes and not necessary from an abscess. Best to go to a dentist hand have your mouth/problem evaluated.
If a number of teeth are hurting when you are drinking something cold or sweet, it is probably not an abscess. Usually an abscess will give you pain in one tooth or feel like pain in several teeth, but in the same area. If you drink a good bit of sweet tea or soda, the acid and sugar in those drinks can often lead to sensitivity over a period of time.