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Do you have pain after a root canal?

I am a 26 year old female and I will have a root canal. Do you have pain after a root canal?

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It is typical to have mild or moderate post operative discomfort after a root canal procedure. This typically presents as a pain to pressure or a mild aching feeling. A small percentage of patients will have severe pain or swelling afterwards that may require additional care. It is important to remain in contact with one's dentist after a root canal procedure to ensure proper healing of an endodontically treated tooth.
Not usually. Especially with the Tulsa technique. It is also done in one visit.
Sometimes there is residual pain the evening after a root canal but it should go away after a day.
It really depends on the case. Some mild discomfort is normal post-operatively. Very rarely, it can be more painful also. But most of the pain can be controlled by using antibiotics and/or pain medications.
It really depends on the condition of your tooth prior to the procedure. Normally, any symptoms are mild after treatment.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
There should be minimal discomfort under most circumstances. If you come in with a severe infection that has been brewing for a while, there can be significant pain. If the bite is off, there can be significant pain. If canals are not fully cleaned out or are missed, there can be pain. Most often, patients just need a little ibuprofen (over-the-counter) for discomfort. Your endodontist will determine the amount of pain to be expected. Quite often there is no pain.
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Sorry to hear about your need for a root canal; however, it is good you are getting it fixed. People have different experiences with root canals. Some people will tell you it did not hurt at all (these people usually have dealt with the tooth pain long enough for the nerve inside to die). Some people say they have soreness (this is because the nerve is still somewhat healthy when it gets taken out during the root canal). It really depends on the health of the the nerve inside the tooth. However, you should only have some soreness, but that is about it.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
Pain is too strong a word to describe how you will feel after a root canal. It is normal for the tooth to be a little tender or sore to pressure for 5-7 days after a root canal, and the gum may also be a little sore in the area where you get the injection. As long as you don't chew anything hard on the tooth for a few days after the procedure, this discomfort should go away. You can take over the counter pain medication such as Advil to alleviate any minor level of pain.