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Do you need extensive surgery for a torn spinal vertebrae?

I am a 35 year old male. I have a torn vertebrae in my spine. Do you need extensive surgery for a torn spinal vertebrae?

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Yes, this surgery can be extensive.
Although the surgery is in the spine and has the potential for a serious consequence, the technology and types of surgery that are being preformed on the spine now are so incredible that it may not be considered major surgery and the downtime is not so bad
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Vertebrae are bones of the spine. Bones are hard and somewhat brittle structures and therefore cannot tear. Bones can break however. With the information you have this question is impossible to answer since there is no such thing as a torn spinal vertebrae.
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The vertebrae in your spine are actually bones. In order to know what all you would need, you would need to see a chiropractor so that needed tests can be done and to get their opinion on what needs to be done.
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If you have a ruptured disc, you only need an operation if the pain is not relieved by medication or physical therapy. You also may nee an operation if your symptoms get worse. Most patients with ruptured discs will improved with time.