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Does a mucocele have to be removed?

I am a 33 year old female. I have a mucocele in my mouth. Does a mucocele have to be removed?

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Usually it enlarges over time if not removed. Also it is sent for biopsy to confirm the suspected diagnosis. So it should be removed with an excisional biopsy.
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Rarely, some mucoceles will resolve on their own after a short time. However, others are chronic and require surgical removal. Sometimes, mucoceles can return, and thus the adjacent minor salivary gland(s) must be removed as a preventive measure.
Why would you not remove it? Do you just want to pay for it? It is a simple procedure, with no post-operative pain. You can only diagnose pathology with a microscope, so why would you leave abnormal tissue in your body without a definitive diagnosis?
No, this does not need to be removed if it is not pathological.

No, a mucocele does not need to be removed if it is not causing any problems at all. They can fluctuate in size and color; however, most of them just remain the way they are. It can be removed if it is unsightly or bothering you in some way, but most of the time they are benign.
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