Orthopedist Questions Sprained ankle

Does a sprain require me to be on bedrest?

I sprained my ankle due to a fall and the doctor tied it with a sprain bandage. He told me I will be able to walk on it in a few weeks. Will I have to be on bed rest for complete recovery? Is it advised?

9 Answers

Although lots of elevation of the affected limb is needed to control swelling, bed rest is certainly not recommended because of the lack of mobility increasing the risk of a blood clot.
I prefer initial limited weight bearing provided there is no bone injury, and mobilization of the joint when your orthopedic surgeon allows.
typically low ankle sprains are treated with elevation, relative rest and ice, compression for the first week with full weight bearing followed by physical therapy and muscle strenghening
C..... compression.
It depends upon what you damaged internally.. Sprains can be mild or can mean that something is torn inside.
No. You should be able to get around on crutches for the first week or two after the injury. Then you can begin to put some weight on the leg. Be sure to elevate and ice the ankle for the first two weeks.
A sprain does not require you to be on bed rest. If your doctor did not intend for you to put any weight at all on your ankle, he/she would’ve given you crutches to ambulate with. In most cases, it is OK to toe touch weight bear which means you can touch your toes to the ground to stabilize yourself while walking. Long periods of inactivity, including bed rest, can lead to the development of blood clots in your legs.
Compression elevation and Ice is considered the best treatment for the treatment of a mild or moderate ankle sprain. Start placing weight on the ankle as soon as possible and as the pain allows and progressively increase the weight bearing. Bedrest is not recommended.
No, you will not be required to be on bedrest.