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What kind of doctor should I see after potential knee injury?

I fell on my knee cap while playing basketball, but now I'm having issues straightening my leg. What kind of doctor should I see for this?

Will my high school son ever be the same for sports playing?

During a soccer game, my son hurt his knee very badly and needed surgery. He is recovering now with the help of a physical therapist. I am wondering-- will he ever really be...

What is the difference between Emergency Physicians and Trauma Surgeons?

Just for my knowledge, I would like to understand that during any trauma or emergency cases, which specialists are normally attending the patient -- an emergency physician or a...

A glass piece got into my foot. What should I do next?

A piece of glass got into my foot when I stepped on it accidentally in my bare feet. I managed to take the glass piece out. What should the next steps for treatment to ensure...

How long will my back take to recover after surgery?

I need to have back surgery after a serious fall. How long will it take for me to recover completely after the surgery? Other than this injury, I am, otherwise, healthy.

How is someone in critical care monitored during surgery?

My friend's mother is in the critical care unit in her hospital and needs to have surgery next week. How is someone in critical care usually monitored during surgery?

I'm curious. What are some of the most common reasons people need an emergency medicine doctor for?

What are some of the most common conditions or situations where adults or children would need an emergency medicine physician?

How soon after a hip disc surgery can I resume my normal life?

I am due for a hip disc surgery. How soon after this surgery can I resume my normal life? Is there a certain weight limit for lifting I should abide by?

Are steroids used for early healing after a spine surgery?

Are steroids used for early healing from spinal surgery? Does it speed up recovery?

My son hurt his back and needs to undergo surgery. Will it affect his future life?

My son whose 14 years old had a nasty fall and hurt his back. He needs to undergo surgery to fix his spine. Will he be able to fully recover?

Does elbow dislocation require surgery?

My sister was playing soccer and dislocated her elbow. Will it require surgery or a cast?

Inspite of bed rest, my sciatica pain is not getting better?

I have severe sciatica pain which is not getting better inspite of resting. What should I do?

Can I go on a treadmill or go cycling with back pain?

I have back stiffness and pain in my lower back. Is using the treadmill or cycling recommended for me? or it will it hurt my back even more?

I burnt my hand with hot water. Could it have also affected my bones?

I am having a lot of pain in my hand as I dropped hot water on my hand and burnt it. Could it have also affected the bones in my hand?

Treatment for back pain from car accident?

I've been having lower back pain since i got into a car accident 1 month ago. I didn't break any bones but the pain will not go away. What can be done to help my back pain?

What is the treatment for a herniated disc?

I herniated a disc in my back and its been extremely painful. How can this be treated?

What happens with a work related injury?

If I get injured at work do they pay for my hospital bill?

Effects of a spinal cord injury?

My friends dad had a heavy piece of metal fall on his back and now has a spinal cord injury. It has been 2 weeks and he can still not walk. How long is the recovery? Is there...

Can fingers be saved after a severe injury?

My uncle was using a gas machete to cut trees and it slipped, cutting most of his fingers off on the left hand. He lost a lot of blood and passed out. For his fingers that were...

What is the recovery like from tommy john surgery?

My 14 year old son injured his elbow pitching during a baseball game. He is unable to move it and the doctor mentioned tommy john surgery. Will he be able to play baseball again?...

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