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After an accident how long will it take for my body to regain its original strength?

I had an accident that I really got hurt in. I didn't break anything, but I did hurt my back. While I'm slowly recovering, I feel comfortable enough to start working out. How...

I have neuropathy in my legs after I suffered a burn injury. What should I do?

I have severe neuropathy in my left leg and this was after I had a severe burn injury. Is there a way to treat this issue now or will it only become worse?

Why are my surgery stitches still not healing?

I had abdominal surgery 3 weeks back. However, my surgery stitches are still not healing. They are also very itchy. What could be the problem?

What is Kinesio tape?

I recently read about the Kinesio tape method in physical therapy. What is it and when is it recommended for patients?

How long does a knee dislocation take to heal?

My husband had a dislocated his knee while playing on his softball team. Now, he has, what looks like, a cast over it, but he takes it off from time to time (even when I tell...

What does sports rehabilitation include?

What exactly is sports rehabilitation? My son was recommended this by his coach after an injury. What problems does sports rehab typically treat?

How long should I be on physical therapy to ease my injury due to lifting weights?

I suffered a knee injury due to lifting weights and I started physical therapy last week. How long do you think recovery will take?

What risk factors are associated with an abdominal surgery?

I am due for an abdominal surgery and it’s the first time I will be having any sort of operation. It's for removal of a benign mass. What are the risks associated? How should...

My grandfather's wound is not healing. What should we do?

My grandfather has a wound at the bottom of his foot and it is oozing a lot and sometimes blood also. It happened last week and is showing no signs of improvement. What should...

What is athletic taping?

What is athletic taping and when is it best used as therapy for a person? Is it for any injury?

My foot still hasn't healed after I fell last month. What should I do?

Last month I tripped over a stone and my foot was injured. The wound on my foot still hasn't healed. Why could this have happened? What should I do?

I had a back injury after a car accident. Will a physiatrist help me improve my condition?

I recently had a car accident where I injured my back. It was thankfully minor and I am recovering. Will a physiatrist help in improving my condition faster?

Does a sprain require me to be on bedrest?

I sprained my ankle due to a fall and the doctor tied it with a sprain bandage. He told me I will be able to walk on it in a few weeks. Will I have to be on bed rest for complete...

What does a hernia surgery involve? What is the usual recovery period from the surgery?

I have a hernia issue and my doctor has advised a surgery. What does the surgery usually involve and how long does recovery normally take?

Is it safe to play badminton after a hand fracture?

My husband fractured his hand because of a fall. His cast is now out since last week, and now he wants to go back to playing on his badminton team. Is it safe for him?

While swimming I hit my head on the wall. What should I do?

I was swimming yesterday evening and I ended up hitting my head on the wall. It's still hurting, especially when I touch it. What should I do?

My feet swell up in the cold. Is this normal?

During the winter, my feel sometimes swell when I walk in the snow, even when I have my boots on. Is this normal?

How can I prevent corn in my feet from happening again?

I keep having repeated episodes of corns in my feet. They are very painful, and are usually at the same spot. How can I prevent it?

My husband had a ligament tear and the blood spread inside the knee. What are the repercussions?

My husband is a badminton player and suffered from a ligament tear. The blood spread all over the knee region. Surgery was done to clean the blood spread inside. Will it cause...

A glass pricked my foot and even after a month the spot hurts. What should I do?

I was walking on the grass the other day and a glass piece pricked me on my foot. I immediately went to the doctor who removed the glass piece and treated the small cut. However,...

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