Dermatologist Questions Accutane

Does Accutane remove acne scars?

I'm 35 years old, and I've had cystic acne for almost 7 years. I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist and he suggested that I try Accutane. Does Accutane work, and can it also remove scars from acne?

6 Answers

Yes it works wonderfully to treat the acne. Do it asap. However, realize that this medicine does nothing for scarring which will have to be evaluated months after you finish the Accutane course.
It may improve the appearance of some of the scars but it’s most important role is stopping you from creating more scars from acne. There are other treatments that can improve the cosmetic appearance but the key is to treat the underlying acne first.
It's the best treatment for acne, but doesn't remove scars - that requires a surgical approach.
Accutane is a great medication for treating acne but unfortunately it does not treat scars. It will help prevent new cyst and hence new scars. First step will be to get on accutane and stop the acne attacks. After the acne is under control you can look into scar treatments such as lasers treatments, chemical peels, micro-needling, etc. Accutane is great for acne.
Thank you for the question! Accutane does NOT remove scars. But what it does do is hopefully stop the acne lesions from forming that produce the scars. If we can stop the underlying process, hopefully we can prevent more scars from forming. If you are looking for things to help with the scars, after your acne is well controlled AND you have been off of Accutane for 1 year you can talk to your local Dermatologist about products and procedures that can be used to lessen the scars appearance.
Scars on the skin are permanent including those caused by acne. However there are multiple treatment modalities, including isotretinoin, that can improve the appearance of acne scars. Feel free to schedule an appointment for evaluation, discussion and management.

Dr Obasi