Dentist Questions Cavities

Does cavity pain go away?

I have a cavity in my back molar, but the pain comes and goes. I won't be able to get it filled until the end of the month (I'm out of the country). Is it normal for cavity pain to go away on its own like this?

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No. It won't go away permanently. The tooth needs to be cared for ASAP. You don't want the risk of having to have a root canal done on a cavity which continues to develop even though sometimes it appears asymptomatic.
The reason may be that the decay is getting deeper and approaching the pulp, or nerve of the tooth. Once symptoms begin, such as in your case, I suggest seeking treatment as soon as possible. The main reasons to seek care are to arrest the symptoms of your discomfort, and to hopefully treat the tooth before the decay gets too deep, thus requiring root canal treatment. Safe travels getting home, and see your dentist as soon as possible!
Cavities typically do not cause spontaneous pain. Spontaneous pain can happen when the nerve is affected. This may indicate that you might need a root canal. Proper evaluation by a dentist should be performed.

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Joseph J. Lee, DDS
You should have it looked at as soon as possible as the cavity has to be big to cause pain and is an indication of possible nerve infection. You can at least get an X-ray with a local dentist, and if there is any nerve infection, you should start the antibiotics.
Yes, cavity pain can come and go. Many times this is a sign that the nerve of the tooth may be dying in which case you would need a root canal. Of course, without an exam, it is difficult to say for sure. If at all possible, I would get into a dentist where ever you are so that he/she can take a look and make a proper diagnosis.

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Dr. Rankin