Dentist Questions Root Canal

Does a root canal hurt?

My next appointment will be a root canal, and I'm scared. I never had one before. Will this hurt, or be uncomfortable?

9 Answers

Root canal treatment procedure hurts if the patient is not anesthetized (numb) just like any other procedure. But if you are adequately numb, it should be painless and comfortable.
With proper freezing, there will be no pain at all.
No. Normally does not hurt. It relieves pain
Dental treatments are performed under local anesthesia, you should not have pain during the procedure
Pain may be caused by the damaged nerve. Root canal treatment removes that nerve. Root canal treatment relieves the pain. Once your tooth is numbed, there should be no pain. However, if you wait for the tooth to hurt or blow up on you, it can be more difficult to get numb. Best to take care of it before it gets to that point.
Root canal treatment is done in local anesthesia and you wont feel anything when its being done and after that if you are taking proper instructions then it never gives any pain but very rarely pt might have pain but for a day but after pain is not good if its happening after some days then u need to see your dentist and while getting the rct done prick might cause pain which u might feel
The actual root canal procedure should be painless if your dentist anesthetizes you properly with a local anesthetic. The injection itself may be a bit uncomfortable, but once you get numb, the root canal itself should be pain free. After the procedure, your tooth may be a little tender or sore for a few days, but it shouldn't be that bad and can be controlled with over the counter pain medication.
As long as you have been given anesthetics, the root canal procedure will be painless.
Root canal treatment is comfortable! Local anesthetic is used and allows the procedure to be completed in comfort. However, if you feel anything during the procedure, just let your doctor know and they can supplement the anesthesia even after you are underway. Don't worry! It will all go smoothly and your tooth will return to health!

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.