Physical Therapist Questions Back Pain

What exercises can my mom do to relieve her back pain?

My mother has been suffering from extreme back pain and the medications are not helping her much. Are there any specific exercises that she can do to get relief from this back pain?

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Sorry to hear that your mom is going through back pain. It is very hard to give an exercise regimen without knowing more details like where exactly the pain is and which movements cause more pain. Depending on that, exercise can vary or sometimes she might need a PT visit before going through the next step of exercises, as exercise without fixing the problem can increase pain.


Dr. Ramky Kavaserry, DPT.
Back pain can be caused due to several reasons. She needs to visit an orthopedic doctor. Back imaging me be necessary to diagnose the pathology. There are different exercises for back but she needs to find out the cause of back pain first so that proper medical management can be provided.
Make sure she is maintaining good posture when she sits up and additional support may be provided with use of pillows for her low back. Avoid bending, twisting, prolonged sitting, standing and walking at this time. Take rest. Hot/cold packs may be beneficial.
You need to see orthopedic doctor for some tests like MRI for the lower back and also some blood work. We need to have accurate diagnosis and then will talk about exercises.
Yes, but not all exercises are appropriate for all back pain patients. So if she tries any of the following and it hurts or just doesn't feel right, she should stop and go in to see a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a proper evaluation.

She can try laying on her back and hugging her knees up into her chest and laying on her back with her knees bent and rocking them side to side. Hold each position about 5 seconds and repeat about 15x. She can also wrap a dog leash or something similar around her foot, lay on her back and pull her foot up to the ceiling while keeping her knee straight in order to stretch her hamstring muscle. Hold this for about a minute. Do these frequently throughout the day. These are no substitute for seeing a therapist, although it may buy her some time while looking for an appt.
Let your mom see a physical therapist.