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Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

I am having hip pain ever since I delivered my baby. Will yoga help in treating it?

Can acupunture decrease my body weight?

I am not happy with my weight. I exercise but I haven't loss enough weight. Can acupuncture help?

I have sleep apnea and am scheduled for an upcoming surgery. Are there any risks?

I am a 33 year old male with sleep apnea. In two weeks, I am having surgery on my knee (an old sports injury) and I will need to be under general anesthesia. Will the anesthesia...

Can I go on a treadmill or go cycling with back pain?

I have back stiffness and pain in my lower back. Is using the treadmill or cycling recommended for me? or it will it hurt my back even more?

I am having a lot of body pain after hiking. What is the best medicine to take?

I am suffering from a lot of body pain after a hiking trip What is the best medicine I can take?

Why does my blood sugar increase after exercise?

I have been maintaining a strict diet and exercise routine. I am a type 2 diabetic and when I test my blood sugar levels, its increased after working out. Why is this?

Can excessive working out and taking supplements cause my heart to overwork?

If I excessively workout and consume supplements, will I overwork my heart?

What should I do to control my weight?

Even though I exercise and take regular walks, I can't seem to lose any weight. What should I do to control it?

Why do I feel so lethargic and lazy to work out?

I try hard to push myself to work out but I am unable to do so. Why is this? Could it be some underlying health problem?

After back surgery, how soon can I resume physical therapy sessions?

I recently had back surgery, and have been on complete bed rest. How soon after the surgery should I resume physical therapy?

Is physical therapy okay if I am overweight?

I am overweight, and have recently decided it's time to make a change. Is physical therapy a good option?

How critical is physical therapy for athletes?

I am a marathon runner, and the other day I was told that it is important for me to receive physical therapy. Are warm ups and stretches enough? Do I really need physical therapy?...

How much water should one consume after playing?

Just after a game, what is the right amount of water that I should have to avoid being dehydrated?

How can I cope with a high intesity cardio workout?

My trainer has started me on a high intensity cardio workout. However, I feel very breathless and a little dizzy. What can I do to cope with these workouts better?

My daughter is into gymnastics. What supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

My daughter is 8 years old and is into gymnastics. She often complains of being tired. What health supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

How can I manage my blood sugar while running?

I am a runner and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I have started taking medication for it, however, in my last run my sugar level dropped and I couldn’t complete my...

How can I increase my strength to play cricket?

I know I have lacking in strength, like I can barely play a good game of softball. Is there anything I could to improve my strength?

Is strength training better for weight loss?

Is it recommended to undergo strength training for weight loss or is it better to stick with cardio?

Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines I can take after running?

I have been noticing that my knees swell up after I run. Is there any anti-inflammatory medication that can bring down this swelling?

Why do I feel dizzy while playing badminton?

While playing badminton with my friends, I started to suddenly feel very dizzy. I play often, so it's strange how this happened. What could this mean?

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