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How much water should one consume after playing?

Just after a game, what is the right amount of water that I should have to avoid being dehydrated?

How can I cope with a high intesity cardio workout?

My trainer has started me on a high intensity cardio workout. However, I feel very breathless and a little dizzy. What can I do to cope with these workouts better?

My daughter is into gymnastics. What supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

My daughter is 8 years old and is into gymnastics. She often complains of being tired. What health supplements can I give her to improve her stamina?

How can I manage my blood sugar while running?

I am a runner and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I have started taking medication for it, however, in my last run my sugar level dropped and I couldn’t complete my...

How can I increase my strength to play cricket?

I know I have lacking in strength, like I can barely play a good game of softball. Is there anything I could to improve my strength?

Is strength training better for weight loss?

Is it recommended to undergo strength training for weight loss or is it better to stick with cardio?

Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines I can take after running?

I have been noticing that my knees swell up after I run. Is there any anti-inflammatory medication that can bring down this swelling?

I am having a lot of pain all over my body post pregnancy. Should I go for some physical therapy?

After giving birth, I have been experiencing a lot of widespread pain throughout my body. Can physical therapy help the pain?

How much water should I have every single day?

I am working out everyday and I sweat a lot. What should be my ideal water consumption through the day to maintain my water levels?

I am gaining weight around the back of my neck. What could be the problem?

I am suddenly gaining a lot of weight on the back of my neck and it's also hurting. What could be the problem? Can you suggest some stretches to tone this area?

Is it advisable to wear knee pads while running?

In our running training group, they have advised us to wear knee pads while running, however, I find it hard to run with them. Is it really that necessary?

How can I lose weight with just yoga?

I am overweight and have to lose weight in the next six months before my marriage. Can I lose weight by just doing yoga?

Why do we feel giddy in certain asanas?

I have been practicing yoga for the past 12 years. However, lately I've been feeling giddy when practicing certain asanas. What could be wrong?

Can lifting weights cause wear and tear?

I have been told that weight lifting can result in wear and tear of the body. I go to the gym quite frequently, so I'm wondering if this should be a concern. What should I do?...

Can you suggest some stretches for treating my sciatica pain?

I am having a lot of pain around my back, which I believe is because of my sciatica. Are there any stretches or exercises that I can use to treat this pain?

Can yoga make the bones weaker?

A recent article made me extremely worried. It said that twisting and turning of the body in yoga causes the bones to become weaker, and I go to a yoga class at least twice a...

How long is it advisable to stay in a yoga pose?

I have now started doing yoga, and I like to stay in a pose for a long time since it helps loosen me up. Should there be restrictions on how long I should stay in a certain pose?...

Can a naturopathic weight loss program cause side effects?

I am planning to undertake a naturopathic weight loss program because I'm just so tired of the lack of results I'm getting from the programs advertised on television. Are there...


What is the best exercise for me? I need both knees replaced and I'm 65.

I have a lower back pain after sex. Can physical therapy help me?

I am having a lower back pain every time I have sex. Should I consider any physical therapy to strengthen my back muscles?

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