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Eye drop usage

I use eye drops every day. Is there a problem with this?

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Using drops on a daily basis is a common practice in the general population. There are a variety of over the counter drops.

1) Redness relieving drops have vasoconstrictive agents. Redness relieving drops, such as Visine or Murine, can be safely used once or twice a day. However, it is best to reserve redness relieving drops for only occasional use - less than once a day. Lumify is a new redness relieving drop by Bausch & Lomb that is effective for up to 8 hours after use.
2) Lubrication drops are for adding moisture to the surface of the eye. There are lubricating drops and lubricating gels. Either drops or gels are good to use during the day to relieve symptoms such as burning, grittiness, redness, blurred vision, and itching. Lubrication drops are safe to use as needed - even multiple times per day. If one is using lubrication drops as much as 4 times per day, a prescription drop for dry eyes might be warranted.
3) Antihistamine drops help relieve itching. Over the counter antihistamine drops are safe to use on a daily basis for extended periods of time to alleviate itching, redness and tearing secondary to allergies.

As you can see, there are different categories of over the counter drops that are safe to use daily.

Dr. A. E. Bishop
It all depends on what the drop is and what it is for. Have you seen an optometrist about the problem? They would tell you for sure if you should be using a drop or if there is another underlying problem with your eyes.
Not all eye drops are created equally, you should always consult your eye doctor before starting new eye drops. Try to avoid using drops like Visine and Clear Eyes on a daily basis. Drops like Retaine MGD, Blink, Refresh or Systane are safer especially helpful to use are drops without preservatives.
It depends on which eye drop you are using. Normally no harm in using eye drops daily.
What type of eye drops are you using? What are the eye drops used for? If you are being prescribed eye drops from a eye care professional, then follow his/her directions with respect to frequency and duration of usage. In any case, it is better to have an eye examination by an eye care professional to determine if eye drops are necessary for your eye condition.
It depends on what eye drops you are using, the ingredients and the type of preservative solution inside of them. Most drops used for lubricants are ok to use at least four times per day, but you should speak with your optometrist or eye doctorabout the reason that you are using them. If it is treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause you may not be solving the issue that you are having and the issue may get worse over time.
No. Supplementing your natural tears when your eyes feel dry or irritated is a good thing. Chronic dryness, inflammation, and eye allergies can feel better with drops. See your doctor if your eyes get worse instead of better.
The answer depends on the type of eye drops you are using. Generally speaking, artificial tears that are purely lubricants should be safe to use throughout the day. I always recommend caution when reaching for any drops that advertise "redness relief," as often these medications have chemicals which can affect your blood vessels, and may mask a true problem. If you find that you have to chronically use lubricating drops, and are not having ocular relief, make sure to mention it to your eye doctor. There are very many different therapies that we can recommend, use or prescribe to make your eyes feel more comfortable!

Here's to comfortable eyes!
Dr. EM
Hi, thanks for your question. What eye drops do you use/how many times a day?
No eye drops should be used everyday unless recommended by a doctor