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Do acne face washes really help in preventing acne?

I am suffering from a lot of acne, but I use a lot of medicated washes. The acne still doesn't go away. Do these face washes really help in preventing acne?

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Face washes may help with the treatment of acne, but it depends upon ingredients and the severity of your acne.
I have found in my practice some things just work for certain people. I give patients tretinoin and have them use as directed. Consultation with your doctor first.
No! That’s what prescriptions are for they are tailored to your needs and we often perform peels call us at 310-443-4040 or 310-456-5459
Some washes combined with other directed regiments can help improve acne conditions. If what you are doing now is not helping you, it may be time to find a customized acne treatment plan with a Board Certified Dermatologist.
Acne is a multi-factorial problem, and usually requires a multi-factorial approach. Meaning the best treatment is usually a series of treatments, including an appropriate facial wash, toner, treatment (e.g., benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, etc.) and use of non-comedogenic moisturizers and sun-screens. Mild acne can often be controlled with just one step of such a regimen, but moderate or persistent acne often needs the full spectrum. Facial washes have different ingredients -- some are exfoliants (salicylic acid) and some have benzoyl peroxide in them as part of the treatment. Most acne I see has not been controlled by OTC products, so I often have to add an antibiotic (topical or oral) or a prescription treatment step.
Most acne washes have salicylic acid and sulfacetamide in them. They act as keratolytics (breaking up skin) and cleansers. We do not want too many antibacterial washes used because we like the natural flora to remain on the face. The overgrowth of p. Acnes can be treated with topical antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide cream or wash to help prevent resistance.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
Yes, acne is caused by bacteria. Washes are very useful, BUT consult a dermatologist for techniques of use in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Excessive improper use will dry out the skin.
Acne facial washes that contain Benzyl peroxide are helpful in preventing Acne on the face.

They are not very helpful for truncated Acne. Leave on products containing Benzyl peroxide are more effective for these area:.
Acne face washes (with either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid) can help with acne control, but sometimes need additional treatment to clear the skin. By themselves, they might not be sufficient for you.
It depends on the severity of the acne. OTC cleansers are usually for mild acne.
Acne washes do help especially the ones with Salycilic acid. However since acne has many reasons and usually comes from hormonal causes you need to see a dermatologist since you may need prescription medications.
Only in mild cases. Best to get a referral to a dermatologist.