Neurologist Questions Seizures

What are the first steps in treating seizures?

My neighbor had a seizure just last week. We didn't know what we should do until the ambulance came to his house. While he's fine now, we want to be prepared for when it happens again. Can you please educate us on what should be the first steps taken when someone gets seizures?

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Keep the patient safe and make sure that their surroundings do not hurt them. Do not put anything in their mouth. Call 911 for a long seizure or if they stop breathing. Give CPR if needed. Use their rescue medication if they have one.
Depends on what kind of seizures he is having. Basically, he needs first aid until the ambulance arrives. This includes lying him on his stomach with his head to the side so that he does not aspirate anything into his lungs. Tongue should be in the mouth to avoid his biting it seriously. Protect his limbs from striking anything that might cause damage to them. Usually, pulse and respirations aren't affected, but keep an eye on them.
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When someone is having a seizure, you primarily want to ensure they do not fall, or injure themselves. If they in a chair, be prepared to slowly lower them to the floor, or hold them in the chair. Do not try and control any form of convulsions however. You also want to make sure the person has not swallowed their tongue, but do not stick anything in their mouth.

After the seizure has stopped, have the person lay still, and slowly let them acclimate to what happened. Inform them they had a seizure, and ask if they can recall what day it is, and their name. People are often very confused, be patient.