Orthopedist Questions Muscle Cramps

Can frequent usage of ice packs after playing a sport cause any side effects?

I am a tennis player and I often end up straining my leg muscles. I use ice packs often to reduce the pain. Is it bad for me?

8 Answers

The only side effect would be if you leave the ice on too long and get frostbite

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No, unless you leave the ice on too long and get frost bite.
No as long as you don't burn your skin.
No, there would be no ill effect.
Ice packs aren't entirely bad in repetitious use, however, the need to consistently use them is a sign that you may need a medical professional to help with the underlying cause of the inflammation.
If you put it directly on skin or for more than 30 min, you can possibly burn the skin.
No, but direct ice can thermally injure the skin. It is best to cover the application site with a thin cloth. Do not leave on more than 20 minutes, but you can use as often as you want.

Dr. Snyder