Dentist Questions Bad Breath

How do I get rid of my bad breath?

I have really bad breath, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of it. I brush my teeth regularly, and sometimes I chew gum and gargle with mouthwash. These solutions only work temporarily. What can be done for my bad breath? Could this be indicative of a more serious condition as well?

1 Answer

There can be several sources of bad breath. Most likely is periodontal disease, i.e., unhealthy, chronically infected gums. It is marked by swollen, puffy, and sometimes bleeding gums. Other possibilities include diabetic issues, decay in one or more teeth, abscessed tooth or teeth. Diet can also play a roll in bad breath. How long since you’ve seen your dentist and had a dental/periodontal exam? Had your teeth cleaned, etc.? Start with a visit to your dentist and hygienist. They can examine you, take perio pocket depth, measurements, and X-rays to find bone loss and severe pocketing, etc. Bacteria in pockets around your teeth that are too deep to be reached by brushing harbor the bugs that stink up the breath. Go see your dentist ASAP. Periodontal disease also has been linked to heart disease and stroke.
Good luck.