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My son gets tired very fast. Should I consider a cardiac evaluation?

My son is 6 years old. Although he is an active child, he is unable to keep pace with kids of his age. He gets tired very fast and also says he finds breathing difficult. I'm terrified that there could be something wrong. Should I consider a cardiac evaluation?

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Yes I think a check for congenital heart disease would be advisable. It could also be asthma.
Thanks for your question.

Based on your observations, I highly recommend having your child evaluated. Initially, a pediatrician should run routine blood tests, urinalysis, and a chest X-ray PA & LAT and if all are OK, then I would consider a pulmonary functions test. Sometimes, bronchial asthma symptoms may develop from exertion, especially in cold weather.

A clue to a potentially cardiac issue of congenital nature should be entertained. An element of Cyanosis on exertion, “bluish discoloration of lips and finger,” may or may not be seen; certain abnormalities on a chest X-ray may provide a clue. An echocardiogram with a pediatric cardiologist may be necessary for a definitive diagnosis.
It could be either cardiac or pulmonary such as asthma so I suggest you start with an ultrasound of the heart and a pulmonary function test