Anesthesiologist Questions Laparoscopic Surgery

Is it normal to have bloated stomach after laparoscopy?

I underwent a laparoscopy procedure last week and ever since I have been unable to eat or drink anything. Besides my stomach feels bloated since the procedure. Is it normal? How long should this last if it is just a side effect of the procedure?

5 Answers

Talk to your surgeon
Would suggest for you to consult with your surgeon regarding your issue. Unlikely an anesthetic issue.

Bloating sensation is a common feeling following laparoscopy. They use a specific gas, carbon dioxide to inflate the space between the organs and abdominal wall to be able to visualize the structures better. It can take from a few days to a week for your body to absorb and eliminate the gas from your body.

Dr Ketch
You better get checked that you don't have any complications from the laproscopic procedures.
This does happen but should go away fairly quick. Let your surgeon know about it.