Neurologist Questions Hazy vision

Could hazy vision be a sign of some problem with the brain?

My vision has been hazy for the past 3 days, and I also have a slight headache. Could this be a sign of a brain problem?

8 Answers

Hazy vision and headache are most often a sign of migraine. However, there are many other possible explanations for your symptoms. It's always best to undergo a physical exam when you are experiencing new unexplained symptoms.
Yes. It may be a sign of a migraine. I would recommend to see a specialist if symptoms persist.

Blurry vision with headache could have many causalities including brain function. I would start with opthamalogic (eye physicians) and your primary care doctor to rule out other issues before seeking out neurologic care, but be mindful of increased intensity of headaches or loss of consciousness as a sign of acute distress.
Most common cause is migraine. If there is no history of migraine start with an ophthalmologist or neurologist & see where that leads you.
Yes visual problems may result with problems affecting the optic nerves and along their path as well as in the back of the brain where vision is perceived
This could be a neurologic issue, yes. I'd urge you to see your primary physician, and or go to the ER for a proper evaluation.
Yes. You did not give your age or say if the hazy vision is with one or both eyes, so possible causes are quite disparate. You need to see a neurologist as soon as possible for a thorough evaluation.