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Height and weight correlation?

Hi, so I want to grow taller and I was wondering if when you grow taller your weight increases because you have more bone mass? I actually want to gain weight (not gain fat or muscle) so I just really need to know if growing taller will make me heavier because I'll gain bone mass. I know I'll look leaner but won't I be heavier because of my bones?

Female | 18 years old

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Hello! As children grow tall during childhood and puberty, their weight is expected to increase over time as well. A small proportion of this weight is bone mass, this proportion is larger in people who have dense bones, but the majority of weight is from muscle, fat and the organs in the body. Children who have completed puberty also typically are at their final height and are not expected to grow any taller (average age 14-15 for girls and 17-18 for boys)
Your body is proportionally increasing in size and body mass. Sounds like it’s a normal post-pubertal process. Good if you have a nutritional diet, regular sports activities or dance lessons to develop a flexible body. Most of the girls with normal periods stop growing at this age and become beautiful ladies.
Good luck.
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If you are 18 years old, most likely your growth plates are already fused. That means that you won't grow taller; however you can do a "bone age X-ray" which is a X-ray of your left hand to see if there are open growth plates. Usually, girls stop growth 2-3 years after the menarche (first menstrual period).