Hematologist (Blood Specialist) Questions Lymphocytes

high amount of lymphocytes in the body

I wasn't sick, I just went for a checkup, the doctor said I have high amount of lymphocytes in my body. Help me, I want to know the importance of having this high amount of lymphocytes in my body and the bad effects and on top of that, how I can keep myself away from those bad effects?

Male | 22 years old

1 Answer

At age 22, having a high lymphocyte count as the sole abnormality on a CBC is most likely a benign process secondary to a recent viral infection. In about 2 to 4 weeks, you should have a repeat CBC with differential done to see if the elevation in lymphocytes persists. If so, you will need to see your physician to see what is causing the persistence in the elevation.

Kenneth Myron Braunstein, MD