Cardiologist Questions High cholesterol

Can high cholesterol increase my chances of a heart problem?

My recent blood test reports that I have really high cholesterol levels. Could this increase my risk of getting a heart problem?

5 Answers

Yes, depending on which type of cholesterol is high. But it can be controlled by regular medication with few side-effects.
Hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol level is one of the risk factors for heart disease mainly coronary artery disease.
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Although the standard reply in the past would have been an unquestionable YES, there are now studies which are questioning the validity of the concept that high cholesterol = heart disease. It may be that high cholesterol might be associated with certain types of heart problems, but not necessarily causing the heart problem. We need cholesterol in our bodies for the healthy function of every cell. Statistical analysis of populations show that the lower the cholesterol, the higher the mortality due to heart disease, cancer, and infection. Those with the higher cholesterol levels lived longer. Some of us are coming to believe that there are other factors which are more important such as refined carbohydrate, toxic cooking oils, air pollution, and chronic infections playing a bigger role than previously thought.
Cholesterol is just one piece of the puzzle. Age, family history, presence of diabetes, htn, smoking all contribute to risk. Having said that, the higher the cholesterol is, the greater the risk of a future heart problem according to