Dentist Questions Dry Mouth

Are there any home remedies to treat dry mouth?

I get dry mouth often. Are there any home remedies to take care of this problem?

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Please drink more water, and avoid breathing through your mouth.
Biotin OTC.

Having some small ice pieces would help.
Xylitol chewing gum and artificial saliva, which is over the counter medication, could help dry-mouth .

This is an issue for many individuals out there, including mouth breathers. Smokers and those on medications. The main idea is to keep your mouth and self hydrated, so drink fluids, especially water. MI Paste, Biotene, etc., are available through your dentist or pharmacist. Refrain from smoking and alcohol. Don’t rinse with a mouthwash having alcohol (as this dries your mouth). Don’t place a candy under your tongue or in your mouth at bedtime (causes cavities). Unfortunately, there is no panacea to resolve this.
Xerostomia is a condition that has its causative agent your metabolism itself and a weakness in salivary glands to provide sufficient moisture to help digest food particularly the parotid submandibular and lingual salivary glands in the mouth under the tongue can have blockages which would be diagnosed with a Dye test and x-ray by an oral surgeon or an oral pathologist
Dry mouth can lead to rampant tooth decay. I've recently had to remove all of a patient's upper teeth and make a full denture because of this problem. Biotene has a popular product to rinse with. Using a prescription tooth paste with a high fluoride concentration will help prevent decay. Also your hygienist can provide fluoride treatments.
Combating dry mouth involves stimulating salivary flow. This could be as simple as substituting one medicine for another, or eating/drinking something that can stimulate flow, such as citrus flavored hard candies (sugarless), or using specially designed mouth rinses, such as Biotene, Oxyfresh, or others. Good luck.
Here is a link to information put out by mayo clinic. <>

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Dr. Rankin