Homeopathic Physician Questions Acid reflux

Is there a homeopathic remedy for treating gastric troubles?

Me and my husband are suffering from severe gastric and acidity problems, particularly acid reflux. Is there a homeopathic remedy for treating our condition?

6 Answers

Absolutely homeopathy have great products that can help

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Thanks for asking.
I do not treat with homeopathy.
I use Craniosacral with Qigong and I get great results.
●Yes it  can be permanently cured with Homeopathy Treatment . ●Very effective medicines are there in Homeopathic ●With my treatment of 1.5 month you will get permanent relief. ●Will prescribe the complete treatment ●You can consult me now through online     Warm regards.
There are many different homeopathic remedies for arthritis and only based on evaluation homeopathic practitioners may decide which homeopathic remedies are best for you. Read more here: https://philaholisticclinic.com/natural-treatment-for-gastritis/
There are remedies for this but you have to have a homeopathic work up to see what will work for you.
Yes, Nux vomica