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How are bunions removed?

I noticed that I have a bunion by my big toe and it's causing me a lot of pain. I tried changing shoes and pain medications, but none of it works. How can I get them removed?

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Bunions are removed via surgery.
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They can be removed with surgery. Most bunion surgery is done by podiatrists who are foot specialists, but you can also use an orthopedic surgeon who has received additional training in bunion surgery.

Kathleen Neuhoff, DPM 

A person usually knows when surgery is appropriate, and it sounds like you have reached that conclusion. Depending on the severity, the bump is removed and various bone cuts or osteotomies are performed. These are usually fixated with plates or screws. You need to see a professional for full evaluation.
You are the perfect candidate for surgical correction of your bunions.
Here are some videos of the various types of bunion procedures we can do:


If conservatives treatment such as wider toe box shoes, bunion splint, and orthotic support failed, then the only option left is a surgical procedure such as minimally invasive surgical procedure, bone cut with internal screw fixation. A foot and ankle surgeon will examine your foot, will take foot X-rays, and give you proper surgical treatment options.
Usually surgery is needed to remove the bunion. Depending on where the deformity is depends on the procedure and recovery time.
Bunions like all boney deformities can only be removed surgically. However, in some cases, the pain can be controlled with shoe modifications and/or inserts in the shoes.
I prefer the word corrected versus removed when dealing with bunion deformities. It is a misconception that this represents bone overgrowth although that can occur as part of the deformity. This in fact is a deformity where the long first metatarsal bone deviates away from the other lesser metatarsal bones with reciprocal inward deviation outward deviation of the great toe to the lesser toes. This is in fact deviation of joints and not a true intrinsic deformity of bone. Its correction surgically can be achieved with corrective bone cuts to realign the metatarsal bone or selective fusions involving the deviating joints.
Hello and thank you for your question. Bunions or hallux abductovalgus is a musculoskeletal disorder that affects the big toe joint. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments. If patients have a painful bunion that has not responded to conservative treatment then I discuss surgical intervention. A patients bunion would need to be worked up in the office to choose the correct bunion correction. I appreciate your question and good luck to you.
Surgery. Involves removing excess bone and cutting bone to realign joint.
Bunions are removed surgically. There a variety of procedures depending upon the surgeons evaluation. More importantly you should be evaluated and good conservative treatment should be attempted prior to surgical intervention.
Hi, if you continue with pain then surgical options are available to correct your bunion. Surgical procedures vary depending on what your Xrays show. These are outpatient procedures and can be done in a surgery center with local anesthesia and you can go home the same day. Just be sure to follow all your foot doctors instructions after surgery and you will do well. 
Bunions develop due to a muscle imbalance. Correction will require surgical intervention. I recommend you be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist (podiatrist) to determine the extent of the condition, all underlying causes and what is the most appropriate treatment
In most cases, the bunion needs to be removed surgically.

Thank you.
I would try injections, orthotics, paddings and if that doesn't work, then surgery can definitely help.
There are a variety of surgical procedures designed to meet the needs of all patients.  ou need to have weight bearing X-rays done and see a podiatrist.
Bunions are bones which can be shaved off or may need to be cut and re-positioned. You should see your podiatrist to evaluate this properly.
Bunions are a structural change that may require surgical intervention to correct the deformity. An evaluation by a foot and ankle specialist should answer any questions regarding surgery. Each surgical procedure may require a different post-operative recovery duration and thus it will depend on the extent of the deformity.
A bunion is a structural problem. It is a movement of the 1st metatarsal away from the 2nd metatarsal, which increases the angle between the metatarsal, changes the weight bearing surface of your foot, changing the mechanics and function of your foot. This is more complicated than it may seem, but the only way to remove a bunion is through surgery, and, if done properly, will take about 6 weeks for your to recover to the point of getting into shoes again, but you will have swelling for several months after surgery (but it gets less and less swollen the further away from the surgery date you get). This swelling is normal, but concerns and bothers patients, at times. Look up Hallux Abducto Valgus and its treatments on line.