Podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Specialist) Questions Calluses

How are calluses treated?

I have calluses under my toes that are very uncomfortable. Can they be treated?

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There's a variety of treatments ranging from shaving to removal of underlying bone problem. See a podiatrist and have X-rays in order to evaluate.
Calluses are most commonly treated by shaving them down with a sharp blade or using a machine to thin out the calloused skin. Best results are achieved by applying keratolytic cream, such as urea cream or gel to slow down the thickness of the callous.

A thick callus can increase pressure on the bottom of your foot, resulting in possible wounds or infections. If the callouses are reoccurring, there are both conservative and surgical treatments out there to help with your symptoms.
Prescription cream and shaving down the calluses by a professional and custom foot orthotics/inserts usually fix this issue
They are typically removed. Sometimes, we use orthotics.

Calluses require a lot of maintenance you will need to shave them down regularly or use a glycolic acid foot cream. You can try to add metatarsal pads from amazon in your shoes to help
offload the toes and reduce the amount of callus formed.

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Yes, calluses can be treated, and should be treated.

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Callouses are a symptom of many different problems so their treatment depends on the cause. If they are caused by bone spurs, the spurs can be removed. If they are caused by the wrong type of shoe, more appropriate shoes for a particular foot structure can be used. If they are caused by warts, the warts can be treated. If they are caused by foot shifting, an orthotic may be used. Your podiatrist should be able to help you determine the cause and treatment options.

Kathleen Neuhoff, DPM 

Yes, Callus under your toes can be treated by trimming and you can also use urea 40% cream to keep them soft or gel to cap. If callus is occurring more often then you should be evaluated by a podiatrist for further treatment.
Calluses typically represent a reaction of the skin due to overloading or excessive pressure. Relieving pressure by soft insoles, shoe modification can be quite beneficial. Mechanical reduction of the calluses with a pumice or callus stone after bathing can be also helpful. We ask particularly patients that may be compromised with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or peripheral neuropathy to refrain from any type of medicated acid type callous remover as this may cause injury to the skin causing and healing complications.
Callus can be caused due to significant pressure point on your foot. There are topical cream such as Urea that can help with debridement as well as Podiatric physicians can help remove those. Ultimately, you need to off load those pressure points with off loading pads.
Definitely. Make an appointment and we will figure out the reason why these calluses are forming in the first place? Is the pressure not even when you are walking? Maybe a bone is longer than the rest causing increased pressure. Always happy to help and get to the root of the problem.
Identify the source of the pressure and eliminate it. A podiatrist can help you achieve your goals.
Yes, but the cause must be diagnosed.
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Hyperkeratotic lesions, a.k.a. callouses, can be treated conservatively and surgically dependent on the musculoskeletal deformity present. I would recommend urea cream and a ped egg until you can see a professional.

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Calluses are usually caused by excess pressure. Trimming a callus can give temporary relief. Getting some type of insole or orthotic that is custom-made can alleviate pressure as well.

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