Pediatrician Questions Strep Throat

How are throat infections contracted?

My son is 8 and he just came down with strep throat. He's home from school and taking his medication, but how exactly did he contract this?

4 Answers

It is spread from another person through secretions such as drinking or eating after each other. Sometimes drinking from the water fountain or getting close in each others faces can spread secretions
Strep throat spreads by direct touching between kids/adults or even from surfaces touched by those either carrying the strep bacteria or infected. Strep is not as contagious as viral infections, and there are individual aspects to personal immunity that makes some people more or less susceptible. Repeated strep infections need to be dealt with a bit differently.

Barnett Mennen, MD
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From sharing saliva with another person through close contact, drinking from the same glass, or water fountains.
Strep is spread from person-to-person, in a similar fashion to the common cold.

Randall Fisher, M.D.