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How can I fix receding gums naturally?

I am a 32 year old male and my gums are receding. How can I fix receding gums naturally?

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In my experience, no. Once the gum tissue is gone, it will not grow back. Your priority should be to find out why the gums are receding and prevent it from worsening.
You can't
You usually cannot fix them unless you have a soft tissue grafting procedure to place new tissue where it is missing. Good oral hygiene can prevent further loss.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.

Fixing receding gums naturally is a difficult task. Fixing receding gums by having gum grafts is very difficult. Unless you are going to have a gum graft you can not really replace the gums that have receded. You can, however, stop receding gums and probably do it naturally as well. First thing to do is to make sure that you are brushing and flossing properly. This means using a soft tooth brush and brushing lightly (you can actually cause gums to recede by brushing too hard). Secondly, a mouth rinse would help to kill bacteria that cause receding gums. If you do not want to use a store bought mouth rinse you can make your own natural one which consists mostly of a saline rinse (warm salt water). If the bacteria that cause receding gums can not grow, they cannot cause your gums to recede. Lastly, you should go to a dentist for regular check-ups just to monitor your progress, and if you get a cleaning, insist the doctor does your cleaning with natural materials.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
You may have an orthodontic problem which causes the gums to recede. Otherwise avoidance of habits like over brushing will help. Otherwise see a periodontist to have grafting done.

Unfortunately, it can't be healed naturally.
For the most part receding gums can not be fixed naturally. Keep in mind the gum line and bone line follow each other, therefore in areas where you have recession you also have bone loss. In cases of moderate recession gingival (gum) grafting is recommended. If you have developed the gum recession from trauma, for example you cut your gums, it is possible to gently massage the gums in an outward motion to encourage healing.
You may be able to stop the receding process if you improve your oral hygiene techniques and address the reason which causes the recession in the first place. Unfortunately, there is no way to naturally replace any gums that have already receded. You should visit a periodontist and to have your receding gums evaluated.