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How can I make flossing easier?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know how can I make flossing easier?

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I personally Love TWIN LINE Flossers. There are two rows of floss and it pulls everything out from between each tooth. Amazon caries them. TWIN, not the single ones.
The easiest way to floss is by creating a habit. The more you floss the more it will get easier. Keep the floss in your pockets reach out to it after meals. It’s great to floss at night, but it also help flossing during the day especially if you are too tired to do it at night.
Flossing and brushing your teeth is the most important daily routine. If you have crowded teeth, consider getting braces to make room for the floss. You can also buy waxed floss instead of nonwaxed.
If used properly with oral hygiene instructions by your dental provider/hygienist, floss picks can be nearly as effective as string floss and much easier to use.
I personally use them most days.
Hope this helps!
Practice wrapping the floss around your middle finger and this way you can use pointing finger to work the floss around teeth. There are floss picks that allow you to poke it between teeth but not as good for cleaning as the previous way.
Do it 3 times a day.
Speak to your dentist for a demonstration. Best way is to position the floss so that both opposing fingers can touch the tooth at the same time. I suggest you look at YouTube.
Use floss that fits between your teeth.Ttry wax floss. It moves between tight spaces better. Be sure to use at lease 18 inches so you have enough to work with . Flossing daily combined with toothbrush and a rinse improve the oral health . Thank you Dr. García

Smoking impairs the healing process after an extraction in two ways. First, the chemicals in smoke are armful and leads to overall slowed healing. Secondly, the action of smoking dries out the oral cavity and the sucking action may dislodge the blood clot (this is also true of vaping).

The net result is a more painful, delayed healing and an increased chance of developing a dry socket. A dry socket is when a blood clot does not form or is removed prematurely resulting in exposed nerves, and is very painful. The best advise is to give up smoking or vaping for good. If this is not possible, then don’t smoke for 5 days following an extraction or other oral surgery.

Good for you for being concerned with flossing. There are various products on the market that aim to make flossing easier (unfortunately most of these products are made out of plastic). However, if you want to make to make flossing the traditional way easier I wrap the floss around my two index fingers. I can then use my thumbs and middle fingers to direct it to where it it needs to go on top or bottom. It takes a bit of practice but you get used to it. Remember, after you put the floss in between your teeth, you want to slide it along each tooth.
Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
Hello, you can always invest in a Waterpik. Waterpik makes flossing easier and convenient, you can check out their products online and see what fits your needs the best. Thank you for your question.
Correct flossing and brushing should not be difficult. In the past when you went to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned the hygienist would make the comment that you know how to floss. Patients not wanting the hygienist feel that they don't know how to floss, will say yes.
Giving a patient a piece of floss and asking the patient to floss is a mind blowing experience.
IF YOU HAVE A LARGE FILLING IN A TOOTH, DON'T EAT HARD NUTS. I have patients with large fillings and I TELL them don't chew hard nuts. A few weeks later a call is made to the OFFICE informing us this patient was flossing and her filling came out.
More than likely this patient ate nuts a few days before and the filling already was loosened.
A tooth can be filled only a number of times. Each time a tooth is filled the amount of tooth structure remaining is less. A tooth can reach a point where it can't be repaired. If you have a root canaled tooth, this tooth is not as strong as a tooth that is not root canaled. If you are having a tooth root canaled, you want to protect that tooth. Eating a raw carrot, splitting the tooth down middle and wanting to know what's next?Dentists can only do so much. DENTISTRY CAN'T repair teeth decayed or broken off at the gumline. Just because you are in a dental office that is no guarantee your teeth can be saved.
If you are having problems flossing CHANCES are you having not been gliding the floss down far enough. When you floss you are placing the floss along the side of your tooth. You go down as far as you can and gently scrape up and down. You may see a soft white film. You do not touch the pink tissue. You move the floss to a clean area and slide the floss down the side of an adjacent tooth go down as far as you can and gently scrape up and down. You can see your dentist and ask how you should be flossing and brushing your teeth correctly. Flossing has to be done daily. Brushing your teeth starting at the gumline has to be done daily. You will be surprised how fresh your mouth will feel.
Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner is a part of home care.