Preventative Medicine Specialist Questions Common Cold

How can I prevent cough and cold in the changing season?

I also get sick when the weather starts getting colder. What can I do to prevent cough and cold with the changing season? Are there any natural or alternative remedies?

3 Answers

Have a strong immune system. In addition to sleep and rest well, you need to manage your stress as well.
First and foremost, you need to boost your immune system. You do this by improving sleep quality, decreasing stress or increasing stress resilience, looking into food intolerances and eliminating them as well as improving your digestive and immune system. My go-to for all clients is Black Elderberry Syrup by Gaia (no affiliation). A great anti-viral and yummy syrup that even kids enjoy it. Take it when you first feel something coming on or if you know you're going to be super stressed or you know the weather is changing. If you can take it preventively, you'll be surprised how effective it is. Also, take it at the start of a cold/cough and you'll shorten the duration of sickness by up to 4 days.
It’s not the change in the weather as much as it is the prevalence of various respiratory virus that are pervasive this time of the year along with the fact that cold weather drives people in doors where there is likely to be more interpersonal contact enhancing contagion. Answer: practice good hygiene. Avoid people with obvious respiratory ailments. Wash hands frequently. Keep your hands away from your face. People, inadvertently, touch their nose, eyes which are portals of entry for viruses. No guarantees, of course, but risk reduction is all you can hope for. Be sure you have had flu vaccination as well as pneumonia vaccine up to date. Do not take antibiotics for uncomplicated upper respiratory infections.