Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

How can I make my wisdom teeth heal faster?

I had a wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and the area still is really sore. Are there ways to heal faster from this procedure?

10 Answers

Not much you can do on your end. Avoid grainy foods, rinse with warm salt water starting the day after. When I extract wisdom teeth, I generally place collagen or PRF plugs in the extraction sites and place sutures to get primary closure. Medicines like steroids, antibiotic rinses, antibiotics help the sites heal faster. Soreness is unavoidable after an extraction.
The fastest way to have wisdom teeth heal is by using Peridex oral rinse 2 times per day for a minimum of 1 minute rinse and using salt water rinse 3-5 times per day. This along with keeping the area clean and eating soft foods will help move things along faster.
Do exactly what the oral surgeon/ dentist post op instructions say. Best thing is to stick to soft foods and let time runs its course. Do not smoke, swish vigorously or eat hard foods.
The best way to take care of an extraction site is to follow the post op instruction protocol given to you by your dentist or oral surgeon. By following those rules you will be avoiding anything that could potentially delay your healing. Healing ultimately depends on how well your body responds.
Unfortunately, there are no good ways to speed up the body's healing. The doctor should have given your some instructions on how to care for your extraction sites. Following those instructions should allow you to have the quickest healing time without complications. Also if you are diabetic make sure it is under control. Diabetics have slowed healing time.
Keep area clean. Healing takes time.
It will take its time to heal. However, it helps if you gargle with lukewarm salt water rinses and keep the area clean.
You can’t make it heal faster. You can help by preventing complications. Take your meds, no smoking, no exercising and rest.
Use of warm salt water rinses will help. Don't swish them, just hold the warm salt water in your mouth in that area for 30-60 seconds. Repeat 2x and do it a few times a day, that will soothe the irritated gum tissue and make it feel better faster.

Vanilla ice cream will help, but only vanilla.