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How can I straighten my teeth?

I'm 20 years old, and my teeth have always been crooked since they came in. Are there ways to straighten my teeth?

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Hello, there are different options for straightening teeth. The most popular would be Invisalign and braces. Please consult an Orthodontist to determine the best method that suits your need. Thank you for your question.
Usually when you get into adulthood most adults would prefer not to do traditional braces with all the metal involved from a cosmetic point of and would do something like Invisalign there’s another company out there that is doing a similar thing to a Invisalign it’s done in a shorter period of time and less expensive. However keep in mind in Invisalign cannot do every case only about 80% of them so if you’re in the minority of 20% you would have to do traditional braces. Lastly you can cut down on a lot of the metal of traditional braces by using ceramic brackets which will cost a little bit more but is much nicer from a cosmetic point of you

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Do NOT try "do it yourself" braces! A dentist or orthodontist can make sure your teeth are healthy enough to move and determine the best way to move them.
Yes, there are a number of way to straighten teeth. The two most popular methods involve traditional wire and brackets (metal and ceramics) and clear plastic aligners. You will need to consult with your dentist/orthodontist about what kind applies to your case.
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Yes, absolutely! My favorite treatment is Invisalign for straightening teeth. Easy to wear and fast to get results.
There are many ways to straighten teeth: Invisalign, inman aligner, lingual braces, six-month power prox, to name a few.
Yes, you can straighten your teeth many ways. You will need to visit an orthodontist to see which way is best for you.