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How can you cure gum disease without a dentist?

I am a 32 year old female. I want to know how can I cure gum disease without a dentist?

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Praying will not help, you have to see your dentist regularly, regardless if you have a problem or not, to prevent any problems in the future.
You can't. Need to see a dentist. Meanwhile, brush your gums and teeth well and floss everyday. Use a waterpik as well.
While I appreciate and understand all of our needs to be proactive and take care of our health on our own. Unfortunately, if you have been diagnosed with gum disease you can not treat it yourself. Please let your dentist do the necessary treatment so that you can prevent tooth loss in the future.
No. You need professional care
You can't. Dentists have the proper tools to remove the bacteria that cause gum disease and these tools are technique sensitive. If you suspect you have gum disease you should see a dentist as soon as possible.
Short answer - it depends. If your gum disease is in the early "reversible" phase i.e gingivitis - yes with good oral hygiene techniques and a good professional dental cleaning. If you have irreversible gum disease and accompanying inflammation in the bone (bone loss) i.e periodontitis - your dentist will have work with you to prevent further disease. So it depends what stage your gum disease is.