Hepatologist Questions Liver Diseases

How dangerous is liver disease?

I have an enlarged liver and spleen, with a small umbilical hernia. I need a biopsy on liver, I've been drinking alcohol for the past 10 years and on different medications for depression, thyroid disease, and Suboxone. How dangerous is liver disease?

Female | 42 years old
Complaint duration: 1 year
Medications: synthroid, suboxon, clonodine, seraquel
Conditions: thyroid disease subsstance abuse depresssion

3 Answers

It really depends on the cause of the liver disease. There are many many possible etiologies. Some are more dangerous than others. Cirrhosis is the main thing that you want to avoid, so wait for the biopsy and hopefully it will not show cirrhosis and afterwards you can ask about the risk for progression to cirrhosis.
If untreated, it can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Please avoid alcohol completely and consult a specialist.
First of all, you only have one liver, so handle it with care. It is the chemist shop of your body, so it has a lot of work to do to make sure all the other organs are protected from harmful diseases. Don't touch another drop of alcohol, it hardens the liver, then nothing can be done for you. (Straight away if not sooner) Get a bottle of Milk Thistle tablets (1,000 mg. strength). The thyroid controls your weight, reproductive organs, and zest for life. I strongly advise you as the matter is urgent, have a checkup for diabetes. Make your appointment for early morning. Don't have anything to eat from midnight the night before so you can get a good reading. Only sip a bit of water if you want to. Ask yourself these questions: Do I love myself? Can I do something new in my life? Can I settle down to a nice job where I'm meeting lots of people? Can I dress in different clothes & change my hair style? Now change around these rooms where you live... your bedroom, dining room, & bathroom. Here's what to do: Put some nice pictures or photos about where you will see them when you walk in the room. Put bunches of flowers real or imitation so they greet you on entry. Put a colored light at intervals & light at night. Pick your favorite ornament: angels, animals, or birds. Choose one. And above all, play old-fashioned music turned down low & drift off to sleep.