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Will my hyperactive thyroid create complications in my pregnancy?

I have a hyperactive thyroid. I am worried that this can create any complications in my pregnancy. Is this possible? How can I prevent it?

What is the treatment for Hashimito's thyroiditis?

My son has been diagnosed with Hashimito's thyroiditis disorder. How is this disease usually treated? My son is out of the house and taking care of it on his own.

Why is my daughter gaining so much of weight?

My daughter is 9 years old and is starting to gain a lot of weight. She's not really binge-eating, so I believe that it's a hormonal issue. What could be causing this sudden...

How do you know when you need a blood transfusion?

My mother is anemic, pale and weak. The doctor said her hemoglobin and other blood work isn't low enough for a blood transfusion. Is there a certain value of when they give one...

How soon should I see my bilirubin count normalizing after starting treatment?

I had abnormal bilirubin counts when I was diagnosed with jaundice. My treatment has started. How soon will the counts start normalizing?

How long is a liver transplant good for?

My sister needs a liver transplant, how long will her new liver be viable for? How long will she be in the hospital for? She is 47 years old and has cirrhosis.

I suffer from liver disease. Can I still eat fast food?

I have liver disease. Does this mean I should completely stop eating greasy and fatty food?

How dangerous is liver disease?

I have an enlarged liver and spleen, with a small umbilical hernia. I need a biopsy on liver, I've been drinking alcohol for the past 10 years and on different medications for...

If my daughter has an overactive thyroid, will she be overweight?

My daughter is 13 years old and has an overactive thyroid. Does this mean that she will be overweight?

My daughter is 12 years old and is obese. Do you suggest a bariatric surgery for her?

My daughter is 12 years old and has an overactive thyroid, which is making her overweight. We tried to get her started on a healthier diet, but she didn't take to it. And, she's...

Can excess protein cause weight gain?

My doctor has recommended that I should eat a lot of proteins to take care of my fatigue problem. However, I am gaining a lot weight. Could it be due to excessive protein consumption?...

My gastroenterologist has referred me to a proctologist for Chron's disease. How can he help me?

I was consulting a gastroenterologist for my Crohn's disease. He has now referred me to visit a Proctologist for further treatment. How will a proctologist help me in my condition?...

My appetite is still a problem inspite of my recovery from jaundice. What should I do?

I had a bout of jaundice 3 months back, but I am on my way to recovery from the disease. However, I still have low appetite issues even though my bilirubin levels are normal now....

I have too much gas and I fart a lot. Is there a way to treat this?

I am 35 years old and I am suffering from a lot of gas which leads to constant farting. I have tried various natural home remedies, but nothing seems to be helping. Is this something...

My husband has had a relapse of anal fissures. Would he require another surgery?

My husband is 39 years old and had a surgery for anal fissures about 5 months ago. 2 days back all of a sudden he again started to bleed. Does this mean he requires another surgery?...

How can celiac disease be diagnosed?

My son has a severe allergy along with rashes every time he eats bread made with wheat flour. Could this be an indicative of celiac disease? What are the symptoms of celiac disease,...

REMICADE and weight gain

Prise de poids avec traitement de REMICADE est ce normal? 40 lbs En 9 mois de traitement Translation: Is it normal to gain weight during Remicade treatment? I gained...

I am lactose intolerant. Is this treatable?

I am a 20 year old girl and I have been lactose intolerant since the age of 6. The doctors earlier told my parents that as I grow, the allergy will reduce, however it still continues....

I have a weird sensation in my upper chest and throat. Is it a sign of concern?

I have a strange sensation in my upper chest that goes up to my throat. It feels like acidity and lasts for a little while till it stops on its own. Could this be a sign of something...

Can stress cause bowel disturbances in people?

I am 32 years old and I have a very stressful job. My bowel movements are not consistent and I suffer from constipation very often. Is it possible to have bowel disturbances...

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