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How do I fix the gap between my teeth?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know how do I fix the gap between my teeth?

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Some of the gaps could be closed by orthodontic treatment. Some of the gaps could be closed by fillings or crowns, depending on the case.
There are many options ranging from veneers, crowns, Orthodontics. The actual treatment is case dependent.
Depending on the size of the gap, boding, veneers or braces, which could be the clear aligners.

Depending on the amount of gap, we can do a bonded composite or a bonded porcelain restoration. Sometimes a patient may need orthodontic treatment and even a small surgery that is called a Frenectomy.
You have many options: bonding, veneers, crowns, ortho treatment (Invisalign).
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Have a consultation with an orthodontist.
There are several treatment to close gap between teeth:
- With Orthodontics’s treatment.
This treatment can close all the gaps between teeth, straighten the teeth and fix your bite. This treatment will take 6-24 months depending on the case.
- Depending on the case, veneer ( for front teeth) or crown / o lay/ inlay ( for posterior teeth) can close space between teeth with faster time compare to orthodontic treatment.
- For some cases , filings can close space between teeth ( with limitation).
All those approaches above have to be discussed between patient and the dentist depending on the involved teeth condition, patient’s request and expectation and dentist comfort to work with the case.

Getting teeth properly aligned by Invisalign treatment in most cases can resolve the spacing issues. But each case is different therefore you need to visit a dentist and see what would be the best option in your case.


Sofiya Malakova
That's an excellent question. There are different methods to fix a gap between teeth. The size and location of the gap will determine the most effective treatment method. The following are treatment options to close gaps between teeth:

1. Braces
2. Bonding
3. Porcelain Veneers
4. Composite Veneers
5. Crowns

I am hoping that this information will be helpful for you when making your decision.

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Dr. Stoddart
There may be several ways:
Braces or aligner trays
Composite bonding
Call a dentist who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, these dentists have superior training to fix your smile properly.
There are several options depending on the situation. Most common solution is to get orthodontic treatment, such as braces or invisalign.
I would suggest to get a consultation done with a dentist.
You may talk about the gab on upper anterior teeth. If this is the case, two methods may be considered:
1. Simple orthodontic treatment
2. Modify the size of teeth by doing "composite bonding" restoration
It depends on what you desire and where the gap is. If your teeth are skinny and have gaps, you can have them filled with either composite or veneers. If they have gaps because of malocclusion, you can look into braces. But if it is because of bone loss, you might need grafting with gum tissue in combination with again either porcelain or composite (tooth colored fillings). Sometimes a combination of these may be needed. It all depends on your budget and desire outcome and what is actually possible.
Hope this helps.
There are several ways to close a gap depending on the size of the gap and the cause of the gap. Several options may include bonding, minor tooth movement, orthodontics, veneers