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How do I get rid of sinus pain?

I am a 17 year old female with really horrible sinus pain. It is a problem almost every day. How do I get rid of sinus pain?

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One of the best way is to massage your sinuses. With your index fingers you push from the nasal region out laterally- do this for three to five minutes and then massage the frontal sinuses above your eyebrows and do the same- you can do this as often as needed
Are you sure it is sinus pain verses migraine headaches? You usually have fever and thick mucus with sinus and constant pressure. Migraine headaches are more in the temple area but pounding and very painful often associated with nausea. Foods, hormones family history of other family members with "sick headaches " is a clue they are migraines, If sinus pressure use nose spray daily such as flonase sinus rinses with saline and motrin or tylenol for pain. You may also need antibiotics if it has been going on for a while
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You need to see your doctor or ent and make sure it is from sinusitis. If it is, it is easily curable. Other things can cause "sinus pressure" like allergy or migraine.