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How do I stop forward slouching?

I am a 19 year old female. I want to know how can I stop forward slouching.

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You need to strengthen your upper back and shoulder muscles.
This might seem silly but make sure you are doing gluteus muscle strengthening exercises. Strengthening your butt muscles will help you stand more upright. Also the superwoman pose for a minute will help with tight pectoral muscles and naturally lift your head up. Also, if you use your cellphone a lot, try to use it less or bring it up higher so you're not looking down at your phone and encouraging a forward head posture. If doing these three things for a month doesn't help see care as there are a few more techniques that can be used.
See a chiropractor to examine you for musculoskeletal misalignments and fitted for a posture brace.

Jeffery P. Jones, D.C.

Conscious competence they call it, meaning being aware of your posture -- that is the first simplest step. Next, sit at your desk nice and tall and adjust monitor to the perfect position and then don't touch it ever again. If you can't see the monitor then you need to sit up straight! Also, do this in your car -- adjust the mirrors to fit you when you have perfect posture. If you can't see out of the mirror, your posture is going bad. Also, look into "extension exercises for better posture" on YouTube.
Good luck!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Slouching is Posture. A postural condition that needs to be evaluated if there is a history of trauma or disease and these should be evaluated. Otherwise posture is changing your life style. Quick can be obtained only if recent. Maintenance requires work over time. Posture is very important sitting and standing. One method is to put your back to the wall and go into military posture, stomach in, shoulders back and head touching with chin tucked. In my opinion treating the spine is about function. Everybody's spine is different and responds differently. The goal is to make the spine work well within its own structural parameters. Stretching, exercises, posture, habits and activities of daily living can make a difference. It is important to get help from a licensed professional. Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) are trained to diagnose and treat all the areas of the neuromuscular skeletal
Strengthening the muscles of the back and stretching the chest muscles are a great way to correct muscular imbalances that lead to forward slouching. Being mindful and checking your posture takes constant practice until it becomes normal.
The fact that you are aware of your posture is a good first step to correcting your posture. The best way to stop forward slouching is to practice maintaining a good posture. Chiropractic treatment can help you along the way by freeing up the joints, which may make it easier to maintain good posture. Keep your head over your shoulders, and your shoulders over your hips.