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How do I stop getting canker sores?

I am a 28 year old male. I get canker sores very often. How do I stop getting canker sores?

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Sorry to hear about all your canker sores. I too get a lot of canker sores. Unfortunately, science has not figured out what causes canker sores yet. Since it is not known what causes them, it is difficult to treat them. However, the current believe is that there is some kind of trauma. This not only means be careful when you eat but also what you eat. Look into the foods you eat and look for acidic foods, then try to eliminate them from your diet. Acidic foods are hard on your mouth and can be causing trauma to your gum tissues. Canker sores can also come out in times of stress as well. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
First of all scrupulously clean your mouth daily. Consult your dentist and or dental hygienist for professional cleaning and home care instructions and for treatment for the canker sores
Avoid spicy foods. In severe cases, see a dentist to diagnose and possibly medicate for aphous ulcer vs HSV.
Limit spicy and acidic foods.
First make sure you’re eating healthy not too much alcohol eating organic and hydrating. Since these are viral in nature systemic O-Zone treatments called MAH major autoheme therapy would be advised by a integrative medical doctorThe stores appear when you are rundown and not eating properly and the O-Zone should help knock out the virus

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz
Canker sores are unpredictable in when they form. Many times they are triggered by stress. If you are getting them very often you may want to see a dentist for possible preventative treatment options.