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How do braces rearrange teeth?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know how does braces rearrange teeth?

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It works along the wire.
Braces place force on the teeth's PDL, causing them to slowly move positions in the bone. This needs to be done in a proper time frame so that bone remodeling can occur correctly and not too fast as to result in loss of bone.
Braces move your teeth by exerting constant pressure on them for extended periods of time. The shape of your jaw gradually adapts to conform to this pressure.

We tend to think of our teeth as being connected directly to our jawbone, making it hard to imagine how they can be moved. But underneath your gums is a membrane surrounded by your bones that roots your teeth to your jaw. This membrane controls the position of your teeth, and it responds to the pressure being put on your teeth by braces.

Getting braces doesn’t hurt during the appointment, and it takes between one to two hours for them to be installed. You may experience soreness for the first week you have braces as you adjust. Each time your braces are adjusted by your orthodontist, you may also be sore for a few days.

Types of braces:

1- Bracket adhesion
2- Bands
3- Spacers
4- Archwires
5- Buccal tube
6- Springs
7- Facebow headgear
Teeth are normally not fused to the bone. It is because of this that movement is possible. Teeth will move to the direction where the force is applied . Individual teeth are bracketed so wires or rubber bands can attach to and they used these to pull the teeth towards any direction they want the teeth to go.
Traditional orthodontic treatment and invisalign work by using forces to help your teeth. As time passes during your treatment, the wires/trays apply pressure, which sets in motion the movement of your teeth into their desired positions. At the end of the orthodontic treatment, you are given a retainer which keeps the final position of the teeth in place. Without the retainer, the teeth will gradually move back into misalignment.

Please consult with an orthodontist to understand how braces will straighten your teeth. An orthodontist will demonstrate how the braces will help align your specific teeth.

Thank you for your question.
Braces rearrange teeth by placing force onto the teeth in the direction you want them to move. This causes the bone around the teeth th to remodel so that the teeth will become stable in a new position as long a the teeth and bone were healthy to start with. You should be evaluated before you begin orthodontics to be sure you have no gum disease.
Wires inserted into the braces apply pressure to the teeth. Bone breaks down on the pressure side of the movement and new bone is deposited on the tension side.
Teeth are moved by constant pressure in the direction you want them to go.