Dentist Questions Wisdom Teeth

How do I know if my wisdom teeth need to be taken out?

I'm 22 years old, and my wisdom teeth are in the process of coming in. It's a little painful, but I know this is just from them coming in, and not from any issues they're causing. How would I know if I need them removed?

5 Answers

Hello, please consult with a dental professional that can read your x-ray and help determine if you need an extraction. Thank you for your question.
Have a consult with a board certified OMFS and review them on your xray to decide if they have room to come in completely or will require removal.
Best way for you to find out is to make an appointment to see an oral surgeon. He/She will take an X-ray and examine your oral cavity before giving their professional advice.
Wisdom teeth are a problem. When you know that one person out of 25 has room for all 4 wisdom teeth, and because you are in your late teens. Early twenties or later patients have pain off and on and ignore it. If you have had braces and were told your wisdom teeth needed extraction, that was good advice. The force of two wisdom teeth pushing forward upper and lower moves teeth out of alignment. Wisdom teeth not only ruin your brace treatment, but can move so close to the tooth in front of it. You may have to have the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it removed because of decay or infection. Wisdom teeth while still in your mouth cause PAIN. THE PRESSURE CAN CAUSE PAIN. PLEASE GET THOSE WISDOM TEETH OUT IF YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED.
You need to go to a Dentist and have Xrays taken to see if they are coming in properly. If there is not enough room for them to come in properly they could become impacted and cause damage to your other teeth or get infected